Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Learning to draw Realistic faces

I'm taking Suzi Blu's on-line class Goddess and the Poet. This is the first drawing I have done and I'm pretty pleased with myself, but it looks like hers, so I want to play around with spaces and distances between features and maybe come up with a face I can call my own. Still it's a pretty face and I think I got the shading right. Now on to using color with colored pencils which are new to me, too.

Art Journals

From my moleskine art journal:

Yes I know it's been even a longer time since last I posted. Life happens and all and I'm not the most dissapplined person in the world so it is what it is. I've been shifting around the mixed media world since my last post. I've traveled a bit which helps expand inspiration and read quite a bit more. I am again ready to share some of that now, and maybe more regularly,too. Here are some examples of art journaling I'm doing now. These were started in March with the prompts:Start your engines, Blue, Past and Future.