Thursday, October 20, 2011

All ATCs have been mailed out

Thanks ladies for sharing your amazing artwork with all of us.
I hope you have had a good experience swapping, and will do it again.
Enjoy, and you can share your cards on your blogs now so all may see them.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ATC Deadline is Upon Us! August 26th

Hi Ladies,
     Well, not all of the ATCs have come in as yet, and the deadline is Fri. August 26th. It was a soft deadline, but I still have not heard from some of the swappers. So if you know you're going to be late, send me a message, either here, twitter, or e-mail. And, as promised, those that do get in by the deadline earn themselves a little something extra.
     I know some are in the mail now, so I'll extend that special something to next Tues August 30th when I leave on vacation, and put a hold on my mail at the Post Office.
    The ATCs that have arrived are outstanding, so you don't want to miss receiving these.
    Thanks again for playing!
Happy arting,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ATC's are starting to arrive!

Just to let swappers know that ATC's are starting to arrive. I will post in red the date they reach me in the original SWAP info post.

Jo Kiester's beautiful ATC's came in today.

Kathy Hunt ATC Dress form Swap (2006)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

ATC Swap Sign-up, Last Day!

    This will be the last day to sign-up for the ATC Swap. After today, I'll contact everyone via e-mail letting you know the final count, ask for a definite committment to the project, and send my snail mail address so your delicious artwork can start arriving at any time. Deadline will be August 26th, adjust your mailing time to reach me by that date, please. If not, don't fret, it just means I'll mail them back to you in September, after holiday vacation. But please try. A special goodie for those that do!

    I'll update, in a blog as ATC's arrive. If you have any questions and/or problems, e-mail me.  Communication is KEY to any swap, keep it open ladies, and we'll all have a wonderful experience and some GREAT artwork to admire!
    I hope you're excited as I am, and thanks again for joining in on the fun!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

All about the ATC!

Hi all! If you haven't heard, Rach's ustream today will be all about ATC's. Here's the link, she comes on at 1:00pm EST, and is a great artist and instructor!
See you there, and if you missed it live, I'm sure it's recorded.

Don't forget about our ATC swap here. Info is in my previous blog and sign-up ends tomorrow night!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm hosting an ATC Swap!

I have not participated in a swap for a while, so after Dede's show on Wednesday( ) a few of us got the bug to do some ATC swapping. 
Guidelines are: 1) ATC's will be 2.5x 3.5 inches. Hang overs are OK, but must be bendable. Many of us use the sport card sleeves to store our ATC's, so NOT TOO DIMENSIONAL and NOT TOO MUCH HANG OVER.
                       2) I'll be participating in the swap too, so you don't have to send an "extra" one for the host, but you'll send in as many as has signed up, including yourself. I know it seems odd that you'd include one for yourself, just to get it back, but it helps when sorting them, and I've forgotten to make one for myself in the past. Whatever the final count is, that's how many you'll send in.
                       3) Mail the finished ATC's to me, and include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) if you live in USA.  For our overseas and Canadian friends, sometimes a little goodies bag, some of your extra artwork, or postcard can be sent to the hostess in lieu of postage, but it is not entirely necessary, your decision. I will e-mail, to each participant, my snail mail address here in Indiana.
                       4) Most of you have mentioned that you enjoy working with a theme in mind when making ATC's. I find this also helps focus ideas better, too. But with this swap, having a lot of newbies (and DON'T be intimidated ladies, we ALL are newbies in some areas of creating) I will give you a very broad theme.  WORDS!  Somewhere on the card, there should be a word(s).
                       5) You can mail them to me at anytime, but I'm thinking of putting a deadline around August 26th. Then I could mail them out before I go on vacation. If not then it will have to be after Labor Day holidays. I'm flexible let me know what ya think!

So if you have not as yet notified me and still would like to join the swap, leave a message here with contact info (I won't publish it). Or twitter me @grafxkat. Will be closing the swap on Sunday, 17th.

Participants so far:                                      Date Received              
Jamie(ArtistPoetGirl)     rec'd 8/16/11
Sandi-jones      rec'd 9/22/11
PackerDi         rec'd 9/12/11
Katie(Scrappykat)         rec'd 8/6/11
Julie(TopazPearleGirl)   rec'd 8/29/11
Kimberiginal       rec'd 8/27/11
pSandi          rec'd 8/26/11
Heather(greenscrapinmachine)  (lost in mail ?)
Bren47              rec'd 8/2/11
Coleen(Scrapchic)     rec'd 8/18/11
Marymacilvain     rec'd 8/6/11
Kep(Karen)         rec'd 8/24/11
DarcieGlam       rec'd 9/10/11
Kare(Karen)       rec'd 8/27/11
Felicia(fs_72)     rec'd 8/3/11
Melissa(godsgirl4you)     rec'd 8/1/11
Dale Ann(dpquilts)   dropped out(lost in mail)
Pavla H             rec'd 8/12/11
Jo(jo946)          rec'd 7/27/11                                                                          
SusanKoop  (lost in mail ?)
Jessica(KinderStampO)   (lost in mail ?)
Julia(StrayDreams)   rec'd 9/10/11
Kathy(grafxkat)    rec'd 8/26/11

Thanks again ladies and let's have some fun creating!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Stencil Challenge journal page

I've finished my journal page using a Crafter's Workshop stencil. Only a few days left
over at Journal Artista's stencil challenge.  Go take a look!

A few of my different art journals.

We'll start with my moleskine, which I love the size to work in and the paper. Some pages are finished more than others, but hey it's my art journal, right?

Next few pages are from a brown craft paper journal, I like that sort of paper to work on too!

As you can tell, I took Mystele's Gut Art classes. I love to scrape on some paint and see what I can "pull" out of the page. Next is a sketch on poster board ready to be inked.
These next few pages were done after taking a workshop with Aisling d'Art. Just some morning pages, grabbing what ever spoke to you from magazines or newspapers, trash mail, whatever fodder you have laying around, and sticking it down, without thinking about it too much! Fun!

This next journal is pocket-sized, and I prepared every page, front and back, with color. I take it on trips, short and long, and do most of my writing in it. It is my memory jogger, for facts of places, dates, times, and people. I'll stick labels, and magazine cut-outs, things that go with the experience. I only write on the right side of the page, and when I come to the end, I flip it over (up-side down) and go back toward the front. Thus the last page looks like this:

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of my pleasure in life, for it is far from work.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Hopefully, now that I've got myself stabilized, I can get back to posting what I've been working on.  Mixed media and jewelry has been flying out of my studio for the past year.
I finally worked on my studio, painted walls (orange), tiled floor (black and white checkerboard), and put in cabinets and shelves. I now have specific areas for all my arting. Paper and paints, metal and jewelry making, sewing and knitting, Cricut and journal/minibook making. Plus storage for all my toys and supplies.  Love it, just need to be in there more!